PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Software with eXcellent Performance - Residential

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Main menu for sending both rent notices, late rent notices, rent increases and rent reminders.
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Current rent notice with fold lines for windowed envelopes.
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Late rent notices with fold lines for a windowed envelope as well as the landlord tenant code legal verbiage requirement for court action of judgment and possession.
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This is the tenant list of late rent notices for taping into the post office book for certificate of mailing.
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This is the co-tenant late rent notice for past due rent required for dual notification by the Landlord Tenant Code.
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Co-tenant list for certificate of mailing as explained above.
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Rent increase notification with the Landlord Tenant requirement for legal verbiage.

Late Rent Notices with Post Office book entries saves time with certificate of mailing.

  • It meets the new legal requirement of separate co-tenant notification.
  • No need for labels, just window envelopes