PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Software with eXcellent Performance - Residential

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  • All rents are entered into the General Ledger with one click
  • All payments are easily entered by choosing either unit or tenant name
  • Real time accounting of Percent of Month to Date collections with each payment
  • Court documentation for all late rents are done with one click
  • Summary of all balances due with one click
  • Summary of individual statements with two clicks
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  • Management of multiple owner properties with individual commission statements
  • Manages and tracks past tenants who have vacated with judgments pending
  • Differentiates between taxable and non-taxable income and expenses
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    • Differentiates between Section 8 tenant's portion and total rent amount
    • Tracks previous tenant's garnishment payment and court satisfaction
    • Saves paper - Reports are screen printed for viewing prior to hard copy