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This is the start of the g/l module: it contains both 2 data inputs along with a number of report formatsand statistics.
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All Rent can be entered with 1 click
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Payments can be entered by unit or by name. Charges other than rent (i.e. WAter) can be entered by tenant name or unit.
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The rent payment receipt is 2 part
top is for the tenant and the bottom can be attached to the check or payment.
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Reminders are set in the program upon startup. The late fee is tenant variable.
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The summary reports are set for a variable amount ( ie$100 owed its not shown).
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The summary reports show the lower limit and contact info but also the date and last amount paid $L$Pd. the reports also show vacancies, unit info, and lost rent based on target rents for vacant units.
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Tenant payments show date, cash/check, and the balance can be itemized for both current and past tenants.
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The tenant payment record is complete with unit and report and date info.
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Court paperwork is based on per diem info which is pre-calculated for the court date.
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Collections and reconciling bank statements can be done by matching daily collections with deposit slips.
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Collections by day are recorded be month. Percent collected shows outstanding amounts due.

Everything Financial

  • General ledger operations are very simple and easy. As an example, to input late rent due takes only a single click.
  • Input all monthly rents received
  • Input all late rents due and late fees
  • Show reports on any single unit, all units, or broken down by unit owner (especially convenient if you manage properties for other owners)
  • Show payment history on any selected tenant
  • Macro accounting for ALL units - Choice 4.11

  • Micro level 1 tenant's payment history - Choice 5.0

  • the vacancy rate

  • comparison of locations.

  • Balances of Balances Due & Vacancy Info

  • Vacancy & Collections

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